We provide a wide range of Access Audits in compliance with International standards, mainly United Kingdom and United States of America

  • Access Assessment of an existing buildings based on International Standard
  • Picture Access Audit for existing buildings based on International Standard
  • Designing feasible, practical / portable solutions where ever possible
  • Access Audit of a new or under construction building on floor plan level with a detailed technical report based on International Standards
  • Post Audit support till the implementation
  • Post completion Audit
  • Sourcing and supplying of all appropriate Mobility Equipment like Bathroom Accessories, Ramps, Wheelchairs etc.
  • Traning on handling of equipment and its operations, usage etc.
  • Sensitization Training for Management and Staff: On aspects of disability like attitude, interaction

Level – I

Access Assessment: An Assessment is a complete walk through the premises to assess the property to determine what %  the building stands in regards to accessibility. Assessment report will be rating based on 1-10 scale depending on how many accessibility features are there and do they meet the required mandatory guidelines.

Level – II

Picture Access Audit: A Picture Access Audit is a complete detailed scaling of the entire building. Every inch will be scanned. It involves taking actual picture and measurements. This will be the first step towards identifying barriers within the said premises and its surrounding areas, providing a base with which appropriate suggestions can be made. A Picture Audit Report will consist of actual pictures with problems identified and indicated on the pictures.

Level – III

Technical Solutions: Feasible, practical and portable Technical Solutions will be designed based on the picture access audit. The report will contain technical diagrams with dimensions.


  • Access Audit for People with special needs and Senior Citizens
  • Basic Technical Specifications for Visually & Hearing Impaired
  • Several visits to the existing premises
  • Clicking actual on-site pictures
  • Illustrative solutions to modify the existing structures to incorporate the mandatory accessibility requirements
  • Discussions with respective architects & engineers
  • After audit support while the modifications are being carried
  • Post implementation audit
  • Availability of the consultant to clarify any queries over the phone
  • Detailed Illustrative Picture Audit Report (Soft copy in PDF Format)
  • Detailed Technical Audit Report with dimensions (Soft copy in PDF Format)